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Counselling for Adults

We offer a counselling/psychotherapy service for adults who are experiencing emotional distress as a result of their own life limiting illness or the illness of someone significant to them.
‘Counselling and Psychotherapy are umbrella terms that cover a range of talking therapies. They are delivered by trained practitioners who work with people over a short or long term to help them bring about effective change to enhance their well-being.’ (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)
Counselling may be helpful if you;

  • Are struggling to cope with your illness
  • Need support during your loved one’s illness
  • Are distressed about changes in your body and appearance
  • Feel low and unable to enjoy life or feel depressed
  • Feel anxious , stressed, worried or fearful
  • Feel that your illness is affecting your relationships
  • Are having difficulty coping with loss or bereavement

At Blythe House we have a team of qualified and highly skilled counsellors, supported by qualified volunteer counsellors and supervised trainees. Referral for Counselling can be made by the patient or carer’s key worker at the Hospice.

Bereavement support

When someone we love dies we grieve and our grief can feel overwhelming.
‘Your loss and the grief that accompanies it are very personal, different from anyone else’s. Others may share the experience of their losses. They may try to console you in the only way they know. But your loss stands alone in its meaning to you, in its painful uniqueness.’ (Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, 2005)
Unfortunately we can’t avoid, go around or over the pain of grief, we have to experience it so it is important that you allow yourself time to grieve, be kind to yourself and adapt to your loss in the way that is right for you.
You may or may not be experiencing the following;

  • Shock, disbelief
  • Anger, guilt, regret
  • Yearning, loneliness, 
  • Sadness, depression
  • Anxiety, panic
  • Disturbed sleep, lack of appetite
  • Lethargy, irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Finding relationships too demanding
  • Wondering if you’re ‘going mad’

When coping with our grief we may sometimes feel there is no one to talk to or that we are unable to share our feelings with those close to us. In these cases we are able to offer the following;

One to One Bereavement Counselling

This is available for;

  • those close to someone who has been a patient of Blythe House
  • anyone who has suffered bereavement due to suicide or other sudden, or traumatic death. Any professional involved in your care, eg your GP, can make a referral for you.

Therapeutic Bereavement Support Group

This group is facilitated by qualified and experienced counsellors and takes a structured approach to exploring the grief process and finding ways of coping. We offer a confidential, warm, positive and supportive atmosphere to enable to you to participate with a small group of other people who have also been bereaved. It is a ‘closed’ group so you will always be with the same people over the whole course.

The group runs over four monthly sessions taking place between 5.30 and 7pm on a weekday, (usually a Tuesday or Wednesday).

Attendance at this group is by appointment only. Please call and ask to speak to someone in the counselling office if you are interested in joining us or for more information.