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Living Well Service

Sheona Lacey - Macmillan Living Well Service Lead Practitioner
Sheona Lacey:
Macmillan Living Well Service Lead Practitioner


Who we can help

Our Living Well Service is open to anyone who needs help coping with cancer or other life-limiting disease. This includes people with conditions such as heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Parkinson's and motor neurone disease.

Developing a life threatening illness can make people feel powerless. It may seem that all choice has been taken from them. We believe that, whatever challenges they are facing, our patients will feel better when they are able to once more take charge of their own lives. Our aim is to help people live as well as they can and in the way that they choose to.

"Don't be afraid of the word 'hospice'. It isn't just for people with terminal conditions. It is there to help and support anyone who is suffering with cancer and other debilitating conditions who feels they need help in accepting and managing their illness."

How we can help

We enable our patients to make sense of their diagnosis and understand the treatment choices available to them. We offer support through treatment and help our patients to adjust to life after treatment has ended. Many of our patients return to the same way of life they had before. Others we help to cope with long-term illness. If and when the time is right, we help our patients plan for the end of life.

How to access our Services

Anyone can drop in to Blythe House, or phone us, during opening hours and ask to speak to a member of staff from the Living Well Service. We are also happy to receive referrals from GPs, Consultants, Clinical Nurse Specialists, District Nurses, Community Matrons or any other healthcare professional.

Health professionals who intend to make a referral can:

When our services run

Living Well service day care

Clients attend Blythe House on either Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. They can come for all or part of that day. Some choose to participate in group activities and others attend for one-to-one sessions only.

Patients who need more intensive nursing support attend on the Thursdays to access our Living Well Service Day Care.

Patients stay in the Living Well Service for as long as they need help and support to manage their condition. Many patients are discharged when their agreed goals are met.

Some patients benefit from continuing support for a time after discharge. All patients are welcome to return if their health situation changes and they again need the support we provide.

Key worker with client

The essential role of the key worker

All our clients have a key worker. This is a nurse who is trained and experienced in caring for and supporting people with a variety of conditions. The key worker acts as the main point of contact for a client and is there to assess needs, arrange services and monitor progress. It is through the key worker that our patients can access the range of services on offer.

Types of support available

Our patients decide, with their key worker, which of these services will be most helpful for them.

"It's the place to go for first class support while going through the worse time of your life... you will come out the other side a much happier, more well informed, person."

Blythe House catering

We also offer support for families and carers.

After discharge, our clients may choose to access continuing support for a period of time.

We have volunteers who drive our clients to Blythe House and home again when this is needed. Our excellent cook provides light lunches from 12.30pm to 1.30pm (at a small cost). All food is cooked on the premises, using fresh ingredients and is served in our pleasant dining room. Complimentary drinks and snacks are available throughout the day.