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Creative arts

Creative arts

Explore and express

The creative arts can be a helpful way for people to explore their feelings about illness and express what it means for them. Research shows that it can help reduce anxiety and depression, alleviate pain and fatigue and add to people's quality of life.

Joining in

Many of our patients enjoy the chance to be creative and produce art and craftwork in the art area in the morning of their Living Well day. Patients may drop in at any time during the morning and join in a group activity or work on a piece of their own work.

Creative arts

Our Creative Arts Co-ordinator

When Patients first drop in, our Creative Arts Co-ordinator will help them to decide what kind of work they may be interested in doing. She will support them in getting set up and in learning new skills so that they get the most out of the activity.

Types of art and craft work

"It helps me relax and forget my worries... I find it very enjoyable and therapeutic."

Patients work with a variety of media. They can express themselves by drawing or painting, doing collage or silk work, sewing or knitting, creating pottery, printing, photography and in many other ways. To take part, no previous experience or skills are needed.

"The art has opened up a new world for me."

This is a very popular aspect of the service and much moving and inspiring work has been created. Some of the artwork patients have produced recently can be seen here.

Creative arts example 1 Creative arts example 2 Creative arts example 3 Creative arts example 4