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Education for Health and Wellbeing

Education for health and wellbeing

Learning matters

We provide many opportunities here for our patients to learn more about health and wellbeing. They can also develop and practice skills which help them to enjoy the best possible quality of life.

Sources of education

There are a number of courses built into the Living Well day as well as those offered on an ad-hoc basis at other times of the week. We are always working on finding new ways in which our patients can learn, based on what they are asking for at the time.

Macmillan Information and Support Centre education materials

In our Macmillan Information and Support Centre, there are books, DVDs and leaflets to be found on all aspects of health and wellbeing. Our patients can learn directly from their key workers and therapists too.

Courses, workshops and other events

Courses, workshops and other events that are currently popular with our clients cover these topics: