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Support for children and young people
Learning to trust and help each other
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Support for children and young people

Any child or young person with a family member in the Living Well Service can ask for support from the "Back on Track" Children and Young People's service.

A young person's perspective

Children and young people can have difficulties living with someone in the family who is seriously ill. It can upset their feelings, the way they think and the way they behave.
Often the adults around these children have found it hard to know how to talk to them about illness and dying and have been misleading or even avoided the subject. Also many don't know that the way they feel is normal for someone who is in their situation.

Help to get children and young people "Back on Track"

"I used to want to run away because my mum was ill and I was scared. Now I can talk about how I feel, I don't think about running away any more."

Children in the families of our patients, aged 4 to 18, who are finding it difficult to adjust to their situation are welcome to make use of services at Blythe House offered by our "Back on Track" project. Our experience is that children who get support from us when their relative is ill are more able to cope. They are also happier to come to us for help when that person has died.

"We're unbelievably good at coping when we get help."

More information on the 'Back on Track' project is available on our Support for children and young people page.