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Key Worker

Key worker with client -3

Every patient has a key worker

Key workers are specially trained nurses with experience of caring for and supporting people with a variety of life threatening illnesses, including cancer. Every patient coming into the service is given a key worker, who acts as a point of contact for the patient during their time in the service. The relationship our patients have with their key worker is an important one and it is highly valued.

"My key worker has supported me and been there for me... she's found things out for me... advocated for me... listened to me."


How the relationship works

Key worker with client -4

On entering the service, each patient talks with their key worker about their present situation and helps to identify what issues they need help with. Together they agree on a support plan and the patient is referred to the services which will best meet their needs. They continue to meet regularly with their key worker to review how they are getting on, address any new issues and identify further services required.

"Conversations with my key worker have allowed me to share things I couldn't easily do with family or other professionals... given me confidence to get on with my life"


How the key worker helps

The key worker is here to:

  • listen and support
  • help patients understand their condition, the treatment and how to manage it
  • refer patients to other services within Blythe House, in the NHS or in the community
  • liaise with GPs and other health professionals involved
  • offer support for carers and other family members