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Mindful Compassion &
Creating the Healing Self Programmes

Within the Living Well Service, we offer patients the opportunity to learn about and practice the skills of mindful compassion, and to develop a view of a healing self.

Our patients find that being more mindful and compassionate particularly to themselves helps them cope better with the stresses of illness. Developing a kinder, more accepting attitude to themselves and their situation. This in turn means they are more able to manage difficult emotions and take charge of their own lives again.

"I get so much from this group - my family cannot believe the difference it has made to me"

In 'creating a healing self' patients enhance their capacity for self-care. This in turn enables them to better manage their health and wellbeing, feel empowered to make choices and enjoy the best possible quality of life.


8 Week Mindful Compassion Programme

Mindful compassion

This programme offers Living Well Service patients the opportunity to learn and practice mindful compassion meditation. It also offers them the opportunity to learn about and reflect on current research into mindfulness and compassion, from the world of the neurosciences. Through this programme, patients are able to:

  • experience a more vivid and clearer sense of the present moment
  • experience inner peace and stillness
  • gain insight into themselves
  • learn to deal with unhelpful thoughts, and...
  • develop an awareness of the critical inner voice and practice how to be kinder to themselves

"I am calmer now. I cope with things much better"

As patients learn to relate compassionately to their own experiences, they are able to care more deeply and effectively for themselves. They are then able to recognise that this in turn cares for the other people in                                                      their lives.

8 Week 'Creating the Healing Self' Programme

Healing self

When we talk of 'healing' we are meaning broadly "the ability to be as well as we possibly can be in our lives, given what we may be experiencing in terms of illness and its treatments..."

The aim of this programme is to enhance patients' capacity for self-care. The programme was developed by our patients themselves, for their own learning and development. Together a group of Blythe House patients explored what 'healing' meant to them, and identified a variety of ideas and practices which they found helpful for self care.

"I've found a new way of seeing things, stronger coping mechanisms, hope, peace, acceptance..."

The programme involves patients in sharing, discussing and learning about a range of resources and skills to enable them to be as well as possible. Examples of issues explored include: having a diet that suits, music, sleep patterns, a healing environment, finding and using support, acceptance in its many forms. These, and many more issues which                                                              patients identify as helpful, are explored over the 8 weeks of the

When the Training takes place

ann burgoyne
Ann Burgoyne
Macmillan LWS
Lead Practitioner

The training sessions are run as a rolling programme of:

  • 8 weeks Mindful Compassion 
  • 8 weeks 'Creating the Healing Self' 

Patients can join the sessions at any point. 

Sessions take place on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, from 2.30 - 3.30pm, following on from the Living Well Support Group.

Further Opportunities for Practice

Patients can join the open Mindful Compassion Group run at Blythe House each Wednesday between
7pm - 8pm, and a £3 donation applies. 

Patients wishing to further practice their mindful compassion skills, can join the day retreats which are provided throughout the year. Please click here for further details.