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Living Well Support Group

In the same boat

Living Well Support Group

People can feel very alone when faced with illness. Meeting up with other people 'in the same boat' can both reassure and encourage. Our weekly support group offers patients the chance to:

  • share experiences with those who are likely to understand
  • receive support from others
  • give support to others
  • be part of a group of patients who care about each other
  • get a better understanding of the impact of illness and the effects of treatments
  • exchange ideas about different coping strategies that people find helpful.

Group leadership

"A time to find you're not on your own and others understand how you feel..."

The group is led and facilitated by a Living Well Counsellor, who invites each patient in the group to 'check in'. This gives each patient a chance to share their experiences and raise any issues of current concern to them. This is a safe space for patients, where each person matters and each person's voice can be heard. Sometimes patients want only to sit and listen, and silent participation is equally welcome.

When the group runs

"A lovely support group, I've made a lot of friends"

The group takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, from 1.30 - 2.30pm, before the Mindful Compassion and Creating the Healing Self Training Programmes. Many patients attend the two sessions together, but those who prefer to attend the support group only are welcome to do this.