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Macmillan Information & Support Centre staff at Blythe House Hospice

How we can help

Our friendly, expert staff and trained volunteers are here to provide and wide range of information and support services.


We have a wide range of leaflets about all aspects of life with cancer. For example, information about cancer treatment decisions, side effects, diet, body image and sexuality. Many of these leaflets are also available online at Macmillan Cancer Support.

We can help people with other life threatening illnesses to access information too. We have more general information relevant to anyone with a serious health condition. For example, about travel insurance, employment rights, financial issues.

We also have a wealth of information about local and national groups available to support people with serious health conditions. These include voluntary and statutory services, as well as self-help and support groups that people can link into.

Macmillan Information and Support centre guided Internet searches

Guided Internet Searches

The Internet can be a very useful source of information and support. However, not everything published is reliable or helpful and we suggest people look carefully at the source of any information. For people wanting help finding the right information, are able to offer guided Internet searches in the Centre.

"I received practical and knowledgeable advice, backed up by written guides - so friendly and helpful"

A Chance to Talk

We have clinical staff at the Centre with expertise in supporting people with cancer and other life threatening illness. We can offer visitors access to a private room where they can talk to someone in confidence about any illness-related issues that are concerning them.

Welfare Rights Advice

We have a Macmillan Welfare Rights Advisor at Blythe House each Tuesday morning. He is available to advise and support anyone needing guidance about financial and welfare issues. Ask at the Centre for an appointment.

Telephone and Email Information and Support

Not everyone is able to come in person to the Centre. Some people simply prefer the privacy of a phone call or email. You can contact us on 01298 875080 or contact us here.