Jon Davey has supported Blythe House as a community volunteer since 2019. The Buxton resident explains more about his important role during the COVID-19 pandemic…

‘I have been supporting local patients and elderly, isolated and vulnerable members of the community since the beginning of the first lockdown back in March 2020. Some tasks I regularly undertake include visiting local residents for a socially-distanced chat (when restrictions allowed) to give their partners and carers a bit of free time; provided weekly telephone support to different male patients; and transported two people to important medical appointments at The Christie hospital, and for blood tests in New Mills.

‘I have also walked Stanley, the dog of someone who was shielding, once or twice a week. He was a real character – the first walk we took, I thought he might enjoy himself, but it became clear after just a couple of forays that he had his own very clear ideas on where he wanted to go: anywhere that did not involve too much effort. Any attempt on my part to encourage things in a particular direction was firmly not complied with – he was so determined not to move sometimes that his lead could slip over his head as he dug his feet in…so in the end I gave up and let him take the lead – all for a quiet life!

‘The thing I have enjoyed most about volunteering during COVID-19 has been being useful, and meeting people and getting to know them. The support is so very much appreciated by individuals and their carers. Having a laugh with people is very much part of this experience for me.

‘If you want to really feel part of the community and feel useful, this role really is the thing for you.’

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