It is with sadness and immense gratitude that we announce the resignation of Helen’s Trust Founder, Dr Louise Jordan, as Deputy Chair of the Board of Trustees. We thank Louise for her enormous contribution to the end of life care services available to the people of North Derbyshire through her hard work and dedication to Helen’s Trust, and for the last 2 years, Blythe House Hospicecare. Dr Jordan has shared the following message on her resignation:

Dear friends and supporters.

I am so proud to be a founding trustee of Helen’s Trust.

Back in 2001 a few friends gathered to remember Helen Louse Lyon who, due to exceptional circumstances, was able to stay in her own home and have a peaceful and dignified death. Being able to stay and die in your own home was not so easy then, so the simple goal was to set up a charity in her memory to enable other’s to have the same choice that Helen had. Fortunately, the national picture has changed over the last two decades and the importance of being able to die at home has now been recognised. Not only is it, in the majority of patients, what the individual wishes for but also it allows friends and family to have a  far healthier bereavement. The benefits of being able to die at home make sense to the individual, the family, the community and the financial purse.

Initially we all met around a coffee table and as the charity grew were gifted use of a room and then rented some larger rooms. The charity went from helping people just at Baslow Health Centre to helping anyone in the north of the county of Derbyshire.

Our aspiration was to employ our own trained carers but found too many barriers to doing this for our size. Blythe House started to develop a similar service in 2016 with the benefits of training their own carers, under the watchful eyes of Janet Dunphy and Ruth Brown. It became increasingly obvious that working together we would be stronger, more efficient and be able to help more and more people. This has been an incredibly successful partnership entered into in 2020.

Deciding to resign from the board of trustees has been one of the most difficult things I have had to do. Unfortunately, I have a neurological condition that significantly impacts on my ability to speak. My voice has always been strong, passionate, and loud at events, presentations, and board meetings…maybe too loud I hear some of you say! Despite the patience of my fellow trustees and the kindness of the employed staff at Blythe House and Helen’s Trust I find I can no longer contribute in a meaningful way.

I will always support Helen’s Trust and feel very confident that, in partnership with Blythe House, it is on a very sound footing and in very capable hands.

With all best wishes

Dr Louise Jordan

Chair of Helen’s Trust 2001 – 2020

Deputy Chair of Blythe House Hospicecare & Helen’s Trust 2020 to 2022