Emily Efstathiou undertook a work placement at Blythe House in 2019, whilst she was studying Business at Buxton and Leek College – an experience she believes has ‘influenced and guided’ her to where she is today, working as a marketing apprentice at a local company.

Emily, who’s from Buxton, said: ‘What a wonderful organisation Blythe House is; they support so many individuals who have a life-limiting illness or who are bereaved. My Grandma used to visit the hospice every week, she loved it, visiting Blythe House enabled her to enjoy her end of life in a positive and happy environment. The reason for me contacting Blythe House was from my Grandma’s experience, but also knowing they have many job roles within the organisation – I wanted to see if any were of my interest.

‘Reflecting now on my time spent at Blythe House, I believe my experience has influenced and guided me to where I am at today. The sector I enjoyed working in the most while at Blythe House was the marketing department. I am now currently working as a marketing assistant for a local company.

‘What I enjoyed most was getting to know the team and most of all, the patients. Learning about the organisation and how they make a difference to those who need support the most – also how Blythe House supports not only the patients themselves but their families too.

‘I would really recommend being apart of Blythe House if that’s either working within the team or as a volunteer. My biggest takeaway was that you feel rewarded for helping those who need your support. Seeing the patients happy is the biggest reward as you know you’ve made a difference. It was really heartwarming.’